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Investing early pays off for kids—and Ohio

Our Children’s Future—and Ohio’s—Depend on What We Do Today.

Too many children are not surviving until their first birthday.

Too many are not getting the early invention that can prevent later problems—first in school, then on the job and in life.

Too many are starting kindergarten woefully behind.

Families are being denied the chance to succeed at work and become self-sufficient because they can’t afford quality child care, or it’s just not available.

We can give kids a better childhood—and ultimately better lives—if we invest when it matters most, when their brains are developing the fastest, when supporting families and treating health issues can have the most impact and be done most cost-effectively.

Groundwork Ohio’s Ready Set Soar campaign is making the case for smart investments and doing right by all of Ohio’s children. Together, we can make Ohio the best place in the country to be a young child.

Ready Set Soar is a statewide coalition of early childhood, education, health, civic, philanthropic and business organizations, community leaders, policymakers and families committed to ensuring every young child has the foundation for success. Our goals include ensuring that more pregnant women, infants, toddlers and their families have access to the support they need to soar, starting before birth and continuing

through the early years.

We all want the same thing for kids and Ohio!

Join us by supporting this work that lifts up proven best practices. Learn more.


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