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Social Media Toolkit

Help us elevate the Ready, Set, Soar Ohio initiative by sharing your excitement on social media! Simply copy and paste the posts below and add one of the images to your Twitter, Facebook, and more!

High-quality child care gives children the opportunity for social, emotional, & intellectual development to be ready for school. If ready for kindergarten, children are positioned for success in school and life. Learn more: @ReadySetSoarOH #ReadySetSoar

When families have the resources and supports to provide adequate care and enrichment during the earliest years, children can grow and thrive. That's why we support @ReadySetSoarOH. Learn more: #ReadySetSoar

Infants and toddlers who are born healthy, grow and develop in healthy environments, and have access to quality healthcare services have better physical, emotional, and mental health throughout their lives. It's time to invest in young children! @ReadySetSoarOH #ReadySetSoar

Children’s early experiences promote cognitive, social and emotional growth. Not all children have healthy, positive early experiences. When they enter kindergarten, low-income learners are up to 2 years behind. @ReadySetSoarOH Learn more:

The most rapid period of brain development is in the first years of life, when a baby’s brain forms more than a million neural connections every second. Brains are built by early enriching experiences. Learn more: @ReadySetSoarOH

Public investments in high-quality, prenatal to 3 interventions for Ohio children deliver a 13% ROI. It's time to invest where it matters most--our future. Learn more: @ReadySetSoarOH

Too often a child’s race, their family’s income or the zip code they live in determines how they’ll do in life. Gaps that show up even before a child starts school too often widen year after year. Learn how we can close the gap: @ReadySetSoarOH


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